Allen Turner Law Is:

Compassionate. Experienced. Tough. Understanding. Tenacious.

Your friend in the law.

Serving Our Community Since 1985

Allen Turner has been serving clientele since the 80s with professionalism, expertise and grace. Now a law firm, we believe legal professionals should labor with honor, integrity, and dedication to service to the client.

An attorney is a true advocate. We offer zealous representation for clients. That means every issue is pursued with diligence and determination so your life will be affected in a very positive way by the work we do.

Our Practice

We do a lot of things, but every thing we do in the legal profession serves you, our client, with th professionalism, dignity and respect that you truly deserve from us.

Family Law

Divorces, Child Custody, Estate Planning and other types of disputes fall under Family Law practice

Injury Litigation

Injuries caused by car or truck accidents, workplace accidents, wrongful death mishaps and other accidents.

Business Law Consultation

From undertanding legal contracts to litigating real estate matters to working with Social Security Disability cases.

Why You Should Choose Us

We Are Honest, Expert Lawyers

We will be straight and upfront with you. We will also work hard to get you what you really do deserve.

Not Just A Lawyer. A Team.

We are a team of determined professionals using every tool that is available for practicing the law.

Over 900 Cases Won

We’ve fought in front of every judge in Georgia and even the US Supreme court. Our experience can’t be matched.

Our Philosophy


The Law Comes First

It’s here to protect you, not the big companies. So, trust us to make sure that we use the law to your advantage.


Establish A Relationship

Practicing the law takes a lot of expertise and experience. A good relationship with you helps you to stay in the know.


Committed to Excellence

Every lawyer should strive for excellence, but not all do. Our track record shows how we are different.


Cases Won



Our Lawyers

Allen Turner

Allen Turner

Attorney, Owner

I've been practicing law for a long time, since the 1980's in fact. I've argued cases all over Georgia and even in front of the US Supreme Court. This experience allows me to fight more and better for my clients. I am pleased to be your lawyer!

Daniel Kalamaro

Daniel Kalamaro

Mediator, Case Manager

My focus is in the economic realities of the law. I was an economics graduate before I discovered my love of the law and have combined these two passions together. Estate planning, real estate law, business and contract negotiations, etc.

Darrin Keaton

Darrin Keaton

Lawyer, Director of Litigation

I moved out here to the lovely South after growing up in the Wild West! Out there, I learned to respect individual property rights as well as larger legal issues. After starting to practice law in the late 1990s, I've been using my expertise on all Georgia courts including Northern and Middle District Federal courts.

Let’s Work Together

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